Sooch Law

About Us

Providing exceptional quality, service, and value in order to enhance the legal experience.

At Sooch Law, we value openness and communication. At Sooch Lawl, we believe that a satisfied customer is one who has been informed. Our team is dedicated to maintaining a dialogue with our clients about their issue.


The lawyers at Sooch Law are committed to provide explanations and solutions to complex legal issues. The legal system can be confusing and stressful. The lawyers at Sooch Law work to make complex legal matters understandable while obtaining just and effective outcomes.


How We Work

We act as a national voice for the Canadian legal profession and keep our finger on the national and global pulse of the legal profession.

We provide insightful analysis on trends that impact the work of legal professionals through strategic alliances with top thinkers and creators. We also offer state-of-the-art professional development courses.

We serve our members through our Office in Ontario, we uphold our reputation as a professional, impartial voice on issues of note for the legal profession and the public.